Current Projects


Woltmershauser Str. 450
Day Care Center 2018


Schwachhauser Heerstr. 222
Day Care Center 2018



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We seek

We are looking for construction sites, residential and office properties in Bremen – Schwachhausen, Östliche Vorstadt, City Center, Findorff und Neustadt.

Unser Anforderungsprofil Dawedeit IEP GmbH (270 KB, PDF)

Bringing together construction and development

Since 1985 Dawedeit Immobilien Projektmanagement GmbH constructs and develops inspiring buildings in the area of Bremen. Excellent design and engineering for outstanding projects is provided in close cooperation with architectures office Warnken-Dawedeit .

We especially focus on classy Old Bremen Townhouses in the vicinity of the City Park, bridging the gaps of building in the quarter “Das Viertel” or the revitalization of office buildings downtown.  These valuable projects receive an upgrade by our professional construction in combination with the detailed planning and design. An advantage for the appearance, the quality of living or working and last but not least the sales value.

Architecture Warnken-Dawedeit

Several diverse projects of architect Dipl- Ing. Ute Warnken-Dawedeit and her team have been realized since 1985. Initially we started with the careful and professional renovation and recovery of protected ancient buildings like Old Bremen Townhouses, farm houses and historic villas in Bremen and its surrounding cities. Moving on to carefully adapted houses between historical buildings in the urban area of Bremen, as well as accurate designed modern apartment-, retail- and office-buildings. Leading to a highly demanded architectural office with excellent references. Most projects are developed and realized in closed cooperation with the Dawedeit Immobilien Entwicklung und Projektmanagement GmbH.

Property Management

Our cooperation with Orion Hausverwaltung enables us to manage our own properties. Unfortunately we do not manage any foreign properties.

Contact / Impressum

Dawedeit Immobilien Entwicklung Projektmanagement GmbH

Dawedeit Immobilien Entwicklung Projektmanagement GmbH
Wachmannstraße 16
28209 Bremen

Phone: +49 (0)421 163 00 0
Fax: +49 (0)421 163 00 20


Sitz und Registergericht Bremen HB 21 207
CEO – Heiko Dawedeit
Tax-Number.: 60-110-06793